Areas of Practice

Related Fields

Corporation law
General meeting of stockholders
Labor law
Anti-monopoly act
Unfair competition prevention law
And other legal works related to corporations

Legal works related to Listed company・Listing preparation

Related Fields

Regulation for insider trading
Regulation for disclosure
Regulation for timely disclosure
Regulation for delisting
And other regulations applicable to listed companies

Legal works related to Finance and security

Related Fields

Banking act
Financial instruments and exchange act
Money lending business act
Securitized receivables
Credit cards, etc.

Business revitalization

Related Fields

Civil rehabilitation
Corporation reorganization

M&A・Business succession

Real Estate

Related Fields

Land and building lease
Real estate securitization, etc.

EAP (Employee Assistance Program)

Legal works related to labor

Commercial suit・legal suit

Related Fields

Shareholder derivative suit
Lawsuit demanding damage recovery against director
Lawsuit demanding suspension of issuing of shares for subscription・subscription rights to shares
Lawsuit demanding inspection of account books
Lawsuit demanding revocation of a resolution of a shareholders meeting
Dissenting shareholders demand for purchase of shares
Eviction lawsuit for properties
Lawsuit demanding damage recovery based on warranty against defects of sales contract
Demand for payment of commissions based on operating agreement
Lawsuit demanding damage recovery based on warranty against defects of contract agreement
Damage suit based on traffic accident
Damage suit based on defamation

Management and collection of claims

Civil preservation・civil execution

Personal information protection・industrial information protection

Consumer protection regulation

Intellectual property right

Related Fields

Trademark right
Patent right infringement lawsuit

Content business

Related Fields

Film merchandising

International transaction

Information and communications law

Medical law・pharmaceutical law

Administration of property for older persons

Environmental counter measures

Related Fields

Emission trading
Protection of biodiversity
Soil contamination countermeasures law
Health promoting method


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